BirdBlocker protects solar panels

The professional's way to keep nesting birds at bay!

What do we do?

BirdBlocker does what the name promises. Because bird nests under solar panels cause broken cables, fire hazard, and efficiency loss. Bird welfare can also be threatened in this situation. The solution: BirdBlocker guards off birds in animal-friendly way and directly contributes to more efficient solar panels and a good living environment for people and birds. BirdBlocker helps keep your solar panels in top condition.

What we do

Why BirdBlocker?

Because high-quality bird protection helps prevent damage to solar panels. BirdBlocker is easy to mount, fits virtually all panels, and ensures that your solar panels function optimally.

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This is BirdBlocker

Safe, environmentally responsible and meets the quality requirements. We can say this with complete confidence, thanks in part to the reputable TÜV certification. Trust provides certainty and certainty reduces risk.