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Make your building(s) more sustainable and save on energy bills. Solar panels are a good, but substantial investment! It makes sense to protect them: both the investment itself as well as the expected return.

Benefits of BirdBlocker


Our product is safe, effective, environmentally friendly and TÜV certified. BirdBlocker is manufactured in the Netherlands and is the only one to be installed worldwide. BirdBlocker works in the freezing cold of Scandinavia and under the scorching Spanish sun. The high-quality HDPE with extra UV and frost resistance makes this possible.


Keep your solar panels free of birds BirdBlocker protects your solar panels, extends their life, and increases their efficiency.


Our bird protection is easy to put in place while installing new systems and also when the solar panels are already installed.

A good fit

BirdBlocker fits virtually all common solar panels on pitched roofs. Whether you have a traditional panel or your solar panels have a Box-Design frame, BirdBlocker has the solution. Solutions for flat roofs, floating solar panels and field systems are also coming.


It is a given that it can get above 70 degrees under solar panels. You can help prevent animal suffering by forcing birds to find a suitable nesting site. After all, BirdBlocker prevents eggs from being cooked or chicks from succumbing to the heat.


BirdBlocker gives you a 10-year product warranty, knowing that BirdBlocker is completely UV, heat and frost resistant.

Suitable for all roofs

The BirdBlocker BB125 and BB200 are designed for solar panels on pitched roofs. But a solution is also in the works for flat roofs, floating solar panels and field systems. The main goals are to protect your investment, optimise returns and to be animal-friendly and business-friendly at the same time. To stay informed, sign up for the newsletter here.

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This is BirdBlocker

We are proud to be recognised with the reputable TÜV seal of approval. This certification shows that BirdBlocker complies with all legislation, regulations or requirements. A solid solution to the problems caused by birds on and under solar panels.