The type of roofing, height of the substructure and the method of installation will determine which bird barrier fits best. It is vital that BirdBlocker's needles fit snugly on the roof, as birds make use of every opening. Nor is too much pressure ideal. There is the optimal type of BirdBlocker for every situation.


  • Length of needles: 200 mm (Needles are interconnected with bridge for more stability)
  • Maximum cover height: 195 mm
  • BirdBlocker strips: 50 cm wide
  • Material: black UV-resistant and recyclable HDPE
  • Mounting clips: stainless steel

Packing sizes

BB200 is available in packs of 30 and of 10 metres. It is important that you always order enough BirdBlocker to surround an installation completely. That is why we recommend that you calculate the circumference of the installation and add 10%.

Clipped or unclipped

Time is money. No matter which variant, BirdBlocker always comes with enough clips to carry out the assembly. But we also offer the option of having the clips pre-fitted to the strips by our assembly department. This saves you money, time and, especially in cold weather, a tedious chore. For this, note the c variant (BB200-30c or BB200-10c).