Frequently asked questions

You may happen to have a question to which there is a good chance we already have the answer. Who knows, maybe the answer is already in the questions below about our bird proofing, certifications, warranties, and so on. Would you still prefer to speak to someone? You can. You can always call or email us.

  • On what kind of roof can bird proofing be used?

    BirdBlocker is often installed on pitched roofs. But today, we increasingly see bird problems occurring on flat roofs, floating solar panels and field systems. That is why we are coming out with a solution for these roofs soon.

  • Why is bird proofing important?

    Bird proofing has two major benefits. On one hand it protects your solar panels from the adverse effects of bird nests (think broken cables, reduced efficiency and even fire risk) and helps extend the lifespan of your panels. On the other hand, it is also animal-friendly. When birds nest under your solar panels, they lay eggs there that do not hatch or even end up being cooked in their shells from the heat. BirdBlocker ensures that they nest in their natural habitat.

  • How much does bird proofing from BirdBlocker cost?

    This depends on several factors including the number of solar panels, the type of roof (pitched or flat) and which type of BirdBlocker fits the space under your panels. Look here to find out which BirdBlocker is a good match for your solar panels.

  • What warranties come with my bird proofing?

    Warranties. A good feeling. We get that. The UV and frost-resistant BirdBlocker comes with a 10-year warranty on materials, in the knowledge that BirdBlocker has been developed to match the life expectancy of solar panels.

  • How do I know if the product is good? - TÜV certification!

    Yes. The fact that we have a safe and environmentally friendly product that meets all the quality requirements strengthens our belief that we have a fine product, and we are proud to promote it.

  • Which companies use BirdBlocker bird proofing?

    They range widely; from large commercial properties to companies in agriculture. But we don't only work for companies, because commercial real estate can also rely on BirdBlocker.

  • How can bird proofing be animal-friendly?

    Of course, it does sound harsh: keeping birds out. However, bird proofing from BirdBlocker is an animal-friendly solution. When birds nest under your solar panels, they lay eggs there. These eggs do not hatch because it is not a natural setting. Indeed, temperatures under the panels can rise as high as 70 degrees, which cooks the eggs in their shells. With BirdBlocker, we help make sure they nest in their natural habitat.