Disclaimer voor www.birdblocker.com

This page sets out the disclaimer for www.BirdBlocker.com, as made available by BirdBlocker. In this disclaimer, we set out the conditions under which the information on our website is made available to you.

Intellectual property

"You may use the information on this website free of charge provided you do not copy, distribute or otherwise use or misuse it. You may reproduce the information on this website purely under the provisions of statutory legislation.

No text, photographic or other materials on this website may be reproduced without express written consent from BirdBlocker. All intellectual property belongs to BirdBlocker."

Accuracy not guaranteed

Where applicable:

"We make every effort to reflect reality and intended pricing as closely as possible when it comes to the prices shown on our website. Errors arising in this respect which are clearly programming or typing errors should never be construed as a reason to claim or presume a contract or agreement with BirdBlocker.

BirdBlocker makes every effort to keep its website as up-to-date as possible. We accept no liability if, despite these efforts, any information or content on this website is incomplete and/or incorrect.

The information and/or products on this website are offered for sale without any guarantee or claim as to accuracy. We reserve the right to revise, delete or repost any information without prior notice."


Should this disclaimer be revised, you will find the most recent version of the www.BirdBlocker.com disclaimer on this page.