What we do

Our solution is an easily applicable way to prevent birds from nesting under your solar panels. Understandably, birds would like a dry, sheltered place to build a nest. And it so happens that your solar energy installation meets all these requirements during the nesting period – and it will even be nice and warm there, too. The combination of birds and solar panels is simply undesirable – and even dangerous – for all parties involved; birds, humans and the installation.

Why is a BirdBlocker necessary?

As previously mentioned, solar panels and birds are an undesirable and even dangerous combination. There is a list of arguments (which we will go through) why it is undesirable. It is advised that every installation is supplied with a BirdBlocker system and, as an installer, it is necessary to inform your customers about this:

  • In the nesting season, the temperature under the solar panels is very pleasant. When birds build a nest and the temperatures rise as it becomes summer, it will quickly reach 70 degrees underneath the panel, and as a result, the birds will leave their nests behind and the eggs end up being boiled in their shells.
  • The nesting material mainly consists of twigs. Both during transport and in the nest, these can cause scratches on the conductive foil. Not only can this irreparably damage the panel, it may also cause the rest of the system to malfunction. This lowers/minimizes the return and then the question remains, when you will notice this. Not to mention the repair costs.
  • The nesting material is flammable. In addition, the birds are constantly touching/near the electronics and cabling. The excrements are acidic and can also affect the cabling in the long term. Then, not much more is needed to start a fire.
  • The flying back and forth will over time also mean that the panels become extra polluted. This has an unexpectedly large effect on the efficiency of the entire installation.
  • Once birds, especially jackdaws, have nested under the panels, they will always try to return. Preventive installation is therefore desirable.
  • Birds under the solar panels are a source of nuisance. Not only bird droppings and odor nuisance, but also noise nuisance. Think of continuous rustling on the tiled roof, crowing and screaming of the chicks, for instance.

What is a BirdBlocker?

BirdBlocker is a sturdy plastic strip that is mounted under the solar panel. The strip has needles/fingers, which lie flush against the roof and make it impossible for birds to get under the solar panel. There is a bridging between the needles so that birds cannot pass between the needles. Due to the choice of materials, it is virtually impossible to break them. The unique clip construction makes the assembly easy, but at the same time, makes it impossible for the birds to pry them loose. In other words, a complete, well thought-out solution.

How did the BirdBlocker come about?

Founder and developer Paul van der Ven now has 20 years of experience in the solar panel industry. In his day-to-day work, he saw how many problems birds cause. When it also became clear how much damage they cause and the impact that nesting behavior had on animal welfare, the idea for BirdBlocker was born.

In recent years, he has developed various products to tackle this problem. Because there was an increasing need within the market for a professional, durable and well-functioning solution, BirdBlocker was created. As an experienced expert in the installation industry, one of the development requirements was that installation should be easy, durable and vandal-proof and it should be possible without tools. Thanks to BirdBlocker’s unique clips, the warranty of your solar panels is, as is the case for virtually none other in the market, preserved.

BirdBlocker fits on 95% of the conventional panels (see image on assembly page). The unique combination of ‘BirdBlocker strips with fingers and adjustable length’ ensures that they are always adjustable and no separate, expensive corner pieces are required. With this, we guarantee that birds, in certainly 99% of the cases, will stay away for 10 years.

BirdBlocker’s objective is straightforward: ‘Preventing nuisance/damage by birds and vermin to solar panels’. We continuously develop and improve our products to this end.

What are the benefits of the solutions of the BirdBlocker brand?

  • Durable product, made to last as long as your panels
  • More neat appearance of your roof due to fewer bird droppings
  • No screws or drills, so you keep your warranty on the panels
  • 10 year product warranty on the material
  • Extends the life of your solar panels
  • Designed environment-consciously: 100% recyclable
  • Due to the unique material, the only one on the market that is truly UV and frost resistant
  • Easy to assemble without tools thanks to our sophisticated clip system
  • An extensive partner network of qualified technicians

The jackdaw as the culprit

It is no coincidence that the jackdaw has been included in our corporate identity. This bird has a bad reputation when it comes to solar panels. The jackdaw is a tenacious and skilled bird that likes to nest in a sheltered place. And he finds such a place under solar panels. Once the jackdaw has discovered the spot, it will definitely return and keep trying to get under the panel.

But beware, it is not always the jackdaw that is the culprit. Other birds also know where to find these places.