About BirdBlocker

BirdBlocker is an animal-friendly and high-quality bird protection for solar panels. We have a team constantly working to make solar panels more efficient. Get to know who we are, what we do and who we do it for.

The first idea

It starts with Paul van der Ven, solar professional from the very beginning. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, he discovered that birds and solar panels are a bad combination. In his work, he sees the many problems caused by bird nests under solar panels: nuisance, pollution, parasites, broken cables, loss of efficiency and even fire risk. He also saw how birds themselves can suffer as a result: they nest beneath solar panels and lay eggs that do not hatch naturally or that end up being cooked in their shells from the heat. Or worse, the chicks succumb to the extreme heat. The idea for BirdBlocker was born.

It was time to develop a product. A product where functionality, quality and ease of assembly are paramount. Sustainability, too, plays a major role, as BirdBlocker is a solution that matches the expected lifetime of the panels. It is produced with high-quality material that is recyclable after use. That makes BirdBlocker a sustainable choice thanks to its financial benefits and the promotion of animal welfare, but also because of the materials used. BirdBlocker is all about top quality.

Originating from practical experience. Developed with love for the field. BirdBlocker is quickly becoming a well-known and valued player in the market. Demand is growing and BirdBlocker is growing with it. There is now an entire team working on professional, durable and tried-and-tested BirdBlockers. As a team, we choose innovation, every day, and always with the BirdBlocker objective in mind: to prevent inconvenience and damage to solar panels with an animal-friendly solution.

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What are we committed to?

Your solar panels, our high-quality product and animal welfare is what drives us. That very combination is important to us. That cost-effective solar panels go hand-in-hand with birds being able to nest in their natural habitat. We do this for consumers, solar professionals, agricultural and business real estate.

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