Corporate social responsibility

We see the growth of our company, BirdBlocker, as an excellent opportunity to contribute to a better world.

We see the growth of our company, BirdBlocker, as an excellent opportunity to contribute to a better world. Doing business for the sake of financial gain alone offers little satisfaction. We work in an atmosphere where pleasure in doing business is paramount and we are determined to contribute in everything we do to make the world a little bit better. At many companies, we saw that the term CSR was synonymous with a marketing story with little reciprocity, whereas we see this as the core value of BirdBlocker. In everything we do, we apply the stewardship principle. In plain English, this means that we want to act like stewards or good family fathers. As a company, we take responsibility for our employees, the environment, and the society in which we live and try to contribute to this with common sense.

Our product

BirdBlocker’s inspiration originated from practical experience. Owner and developer Paul saw daily in the field that birds and solar panels are a bad combination. As can be read on the rest of the website, they damage panels, the presence of birds is a nuisance and it is (fire) hazardous. It is even more problematic for bird welfare. In the nesting period, they find a nice place in the lee and which is sheltered from wind and rain. As soon as the solar radiation increases, it quickly rises above 70 degrees under the solar panels. As a result, birds have to abandon their nest and/or eggs are boiled in their shells.

In the development of our product, functionality, quality, and ease of assembly were paramount. We also wanted our solution to be durable by being the only one in the market to last the entire expected life of the panels.

In the product development, a long-lived material was chosen, but the most important requirement was that the raw material was fully recyclable after use. Our product developers are busy to see if we can go even one step further: Cradle-to-Cradle.

Acquiring a BirdBlocker is, therefore, a sustainable choice: financially, in the interest of animal welfare as well as in product specifications.

Trees for all

Our solution repels birds under your solar panels. This is not only better for you and your system, but also the birds themselves. We think it is important that we provide them with a good alternative location to build their nest. Hence, we work with Trees For All to expand their natural habitat. This is of course made possible by your purchase!

Because the foundation of our solution lies in solar energy, we know how important the climate is for the optimal, efficient operation of a solar panel. Due to global warming, this environmentally friendly solution for energy production is also under pressure in the longer term. Planting trees will slow down climate change. In addition, the ability of trees to absorb CO2 is a great way to offset the impact that our production and transport efforts, despite all precautionary measures, still have.

This is truly a goal that we hold dear and we thank all customers, who ultimately make our contribution possible, for their contribution.

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