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You are a professional, an advisor to your customers and proud of your work. Delivering the best solutions for every customer requires innovativeness and is a quest for distinctiveness. Especially in a competitive market like ours, it is important to deliver, in one go, the quality that will benefit your customers for years to come. Protect the investment, safety and home comfort for which your customers rely on your advice.

Benefits of BirdBlocker


You want a bird barrier that is easy to install, fits anywhere and just works. Making it easy for your customers with the best quality and advice. BirdBlocker is this solution and increases the profitability of your installations.


BirdBlocker is easy to install on already installed solar panels, as well as during the installation of new solar systems. Because BirdBlocker has emerged from the industry, you can count on a system that has been thought through, for you.


BirdBlocker fits virtually all solar panels. Not only traditional frames with an edge, but also for Box-design panels, BirdBlocker has the appropriate solution.


Our product is safe, effective, environmentally responsible and TÜV certified. BirdBlocker is manufactured in the Netherlands and the only one installed worldwide. BirdBlocker works both in the Scandinavian freezing cold as well as under the scorching Spanish sun. The extra high-quality UV- and frost-resistant HDPE makes this possible.


BirdBlocker helps protect and distinguish the sustainable image of solar and your company. That it rises above 70 degrees under solar panels is a fact. Your customer appreciates it when your advice prevents animal suffering and forces birds to look for a suitable nesting site. After all, BirdBlocker prevents eggs being cooked or chicks succumbing to the heat.


BirdBlocker is choosing quality. This quality is confirmed with the TÜV seal of approval and awarded with a 10-year material guarantee. The expected lifespan is much longer.

Can BirdBlocker work on all systems?

BirdBlocker BB125 and BB200 are installed for solar panels on sloped roofs. The demand for solutions for flat roofs, floating solar panels and field systems is increasing and a new BirdBlocker solution will be introduced in the near future. Would you like to stay informed? Subscribe to the newsletter here..

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We are BirdBlocker

Real professionals. Solar panel enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on the innovative and sustainable nature of our product and being recognised by the leading TÜV seal of approval. Yet we continue to work very hard to keep our BirdBlocker thriving.