Who is BirdBlocker for?

For anyone with solar panels. High-quality bird protection will keep your solar panels in top condition. That means your solar panels have higher output than ever because birds do not nest under your panels. BirdBlocker is a top quality sustainable innovation. Produced in Europe. Valued globally.

Solar Professionals

We understand like no other that solar panel projects must be and must remain financially sound. That's why BirdBlocker has been developed for and by solar professionals, making us the innovative partner in the field of bird control. As a solar professional, you want a product where functionality, quality and ease of installation come first. Good news: BirdBlocker works!

Everything for solar professionals


You have invested in solar panels. To make your home environmentally friendly. To generate energy. To increase the value of your home and reduce your costs. And of course you want to protect this investment, for example from the harmful effects of nesting birds. They can cause damaged cables, fire hazard and loss of efficiency. BirdBlocker: a sustainable product that will keep your solar panels working in the future.

Everything for individuals


Solar panels for farms are increasingly popular. The advent of solar panel installations is desirable, necessary even, but also carries risks in terms of bio-safety and fire safety. Of course, you do want the best possible return on your investment. Bird proofing from BirdBlocker plays an important role in the interplay between safety and efficiency.

Everything for agriculture

Commercial real estate

Do you want to make your premises or real estate portfolio more sustainable and achieve financial returns? Solar panels are a good answer to this question. You can protect your investment with BirdBlocker. You repel birds in an animal-friendly way, preventing damage to your panels. And much more importantly, you're making an investment in efficient solar panels and in the future, because BirdBlocker matches the life expectancy of your panels.

Everything for commercial real estate

Why BirdBlocker?

This product is proven to be effective, meets the highest quality expectations and contributes to the living environment for people and birds. There are dozens of reasons why you should choose bird protection from BirdBlocker. We list the most important ones below. Why BirdBlocker? Because...

  • ...it improves the output of your solar panels.
  • ...it extends the lifespan of your solar panels.
  • ...it is made of robust and durable material.

but also of course because...

  • ...it is UV, heat and frost-resistant.
  • ...it comes with a 10-year warranty on materials.
  • ...it is universally compatible.
  • ...it is easy to install.