BirdBlocker clips are designed to create a durable, secure fit on all solar panels. The unique focus on solely solar bird proofing, practice testing and decades of actual installation experience defines our effort on creating the best-in-market solution.


The use of panel-frames with a flange / bottom edge was the (almost) exclusive standard in leading manufacturers up until 2021. The solar industry has seen a shift in panel-frame designs, moving from flange-based frames to boxed profiles for short sides. BirdBlocker adapts to this change with the BB-BoxClip-50s, ensuring compatibility with various panel sizes.

Standard clips are included with every package of BB125 and BB200.

Precision and Quality

Our clips are engineered with extreme precision and crafted from high-quality stainless steel that doesn't rust. The perfect blend of springy tension and gripping properties ensures your solar panels stay secure.

Panel Compatibility

It is essential to ensure compatibility of our BirdBlocker birdproofing with all solar panels on the market. BirdBlocker is dedicated to offering full compatibility with all leading solar panel systems. We've invested decades of hands-on expertise and testing to create the best-in-market solution for your solar panel security needs.

Wide Applicability

With standardized heights of 30mm and 35mm, our new BB-BoxClip-50s is designed to fit the majority of panels. No more struggling with multiple clip varieties; BirdBlocker has you covered.

Product Specifications

BB-BoxClip-50s comes in two heights, 30mm and 35mm, and two widths covering 8mm – 13mm or 14mm – 18mm. Refer to the datasheet for your specific panel's frame dimensions.

Made from premium stainless steel with a thickness of 1.75mm, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to rust.

Wholesale Quantity
Each box contains 100 packages of BB-BoxClip-50s for bulk orders.

Retail Quantity
For your convenience, we offer retail packaging with 50 units per package.

HS Code
Our product is categorized under HS Code: 7326909890.

Product IDs and EAN Codes

  • BB-BoxClip-50s 11x30x14-18 EAN: 8785253122267
  • BB-BoxClip-50s 11x35x14-18 EAN: 8785253122274
  • BB-BoxClip-50s 11x30x8-13 EAN: 8785253122281
  • BB-BoxClip-50s 11x35x8-13 EAN: 8785253122298

Installation Tips

Before starting the installation, we highly recommend consulting our YouTube channel for comprehensive installation tips and guidelines. Our channel provides all the insights you need to ensure a smooth and successful installation process.

For the best results, quick installation, and access to proven tools, don't forget to inquire about our starter kit.