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Solar panels are a great investment: in the value of your home, for bringing down energy costs and in sustainability. This should never be at the expense of your safety, domestic living comfort or animal welfare. To ensure this, BirdBlocker placement is as obvious as putting a case on your mobile phone. It is in all installation guidelines for a good reason.

Benefits of BirdBlocker


No nesting birds, optimal ventilation, years of protection: BirdBlocker works! With 20 years of installation experience, the best materials and production in the Netherlands, a bird-free solar panel installation with BirdBlocker is a certainty.


The environmentally conscious BirdBlocker is affordable bird control and prevents costly repairs and yield loss. Preferably place it as a preventative measure. This is significantly cheaper, increases efficiency and ensures your panels remain in top condition.


BirdBlocker will give your roof and installation a more premium appearance. No bird droppings. Less visible cables. So a clean roof!


BirdBlocker prevents cooked eggs, chicks succumbing to the heat and abandoned nests. Solar panels are not suitable nesting sites because the temperature under the panels rises well above 70 degrees.


For any standard solar panel. Both traditional panels with an edge around as well as Box-design panels. BirdBlocker fits new and already installed solar panels.


You get a 10-year material guarantee with BirdBlocker and an even longer life expectancy for your system. TÜV-approved quality!

Does BirdBlocker fit on all roofs?

BirdBlocker is installed for solar panels on sloped roofs. A solution for flat roofs and even floating solar panels and field systems is in the works. So we protect your investment in solar panels, and sustainability and animal friendliness go well together.

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This is BirdBlocker

Originated from the field of solar panels. Grown through the innovative nature of a strong team and a commitment to quality. BirdBlocker has the TÜV seal of approval. This certification tells you that BirdBlocker is well put together and works well.