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Solar panels for agricultural businesses are becoming increasingly popular. An investment you want to protect. Equally important, an investment in sustainability that poses no risk to your farm and animals. With BirdBlocker, you increase the bio- and fire safety as well as the efficiency of your solar panels. BirdBlocker: animal-friendly bird protection with tremendous ease of installation.

Benefits of BirdBlocker


BirdBlocker guards off birds in an animal-friendly and effective way. Among other things, this prevents the spread of infectious diseases such as bird flu and parasites such as red mites.


BirdBlocker product guarantee? It protects your solar panels, extends their lifetime and increases their efficiency.


BirdBlocker is safe, effective, environmentally responsible and TÜV certified. Produced in Europe and appreciated worldwide.


You get a 10-year material guarantee, partly because BirdBlocker is UV- and frost-resistant. Trust is certainty and certainty limits risk.


BirdBlocker fits all standard solar panels on a pitched roof. It is a solution that is universally compatible.


BirdBlocker is easy to install if you already have solar panels. But also when your new installation is being installed.

Combining safety and efficiency

The growth of solar panels within agriculture poses bio- and fire safety risks. nonetheless, you do want the optimum return on your investment. And it is precisely in this interplay that BirdBlocker plays an important role.

Fire safety

How do I make sure my stables are fire-safe?" Some 25% of stable fires are caused by faulty electric installations. Since 2020, the number has doubled - The cause of this rise lies in, for this very application, unsuitable, inadequately protected solar installations. By installing BirdBlocker, you are working preventively towards safer stables. In this way, birds will not nest under your panels, attack the cabling with their beaks and cause erosion with acidic faeces.


How do I protect my poultry from disease?" Wild Birds can be carriers of infections and parasites, such as avian flu and red mites. So it is smart to keep those birds far as a preventative measure, so that they nest in their natural habitat. And not under your solar panels, where the air intake for stables is also often found.


How do I make sure my investment in solar panels pays off?" Solar panels often require a hefty investment. So you want to protect this investment. Against birds that may spread diseases and can cause fires. Or may lower your efficiency by unnecessarily contaminating your panels with, faeces, for instance.

For which roofs is BirdBlocker suitable?

Slanted roofs. But a solution is also in the works for flat roofs, floating solar panels and field systems. To protect your investment and make it even more effective. But also, of course, to be animal-friendly and business-friendly at the same time.

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Our BirdBlocker

We hold the leading TÜV seal of approval. And we are quite proud of that. Because it tells us, but of course also you, that BirdBlocker complies with all laws and regulations.